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Lace knitting is by many considered to be very difficult - in some countries even going by the name "art knitting". But it really isn't as difficult as it might look, so do not let concerns about how hard this type of knitting is hold you back. anyone who can knit can knit lace!

No special technique is involved - all that is required is knowledge of the basic knitting stitches and a certain amount of patience and concentration. Some things, like starting a doily knitted in the round, may seem a bit akward at first, but once you've tried it a couple of times it isn't that hard.

Traditionally lace knitting required tiny needles and delicate thread, but this is no longer necessarily so. Some of the prettiest knitted lace is produced with average sized needles, the open effect being achived by using needles that are larger than one would usually use for a particular yarn or thread. And as knitting to a particular gauge is not usually the determining factor for a pleasing result, most of the patterns can be succesfully worked in a variety of threads and yarns.

A beginner might want to start with something simple like a small doily. Both the Flacon and the Spiralen doilies would make good beginner's projects.

I recommend using a heavy thread and big needles for your first doily. That way you will be better able to concentrate on executing the stitches, rather than fidgeting with the thread and needles.

If you are not ready for the double pointed needles just yet, there are other possibilities, such as edgings or bookmarks.

For those who prefer to knit wearables, a scarf or a shawl in a simple all-over pattern would make a good beginner's project too.

If you need someone to encourage or guide you along the way, I highly recommend joining one of the mailing lists mentioned in the Helping Hands section.

I believe in striving for excellence, but not to the extent that if you cannot do something perfectly, you shouldn't do it all.

Knitting should be one of the enjoyable things in life. So don't worry about living up to a certain standard, or about doing things a certain way. If you are pleased with the finished result, then that's all that really matters.

Have fun, but be warned: knitting lace can be quite addictive!