Knitted lace doily


From Beyers Handarbeitsbücher Band 46, "Kunststricken", Verlag Otto Beyer, Leipzig, Germany, 1921.


K = knit
KBL = knit through the back loop
K2TOG = knit 2 together
SKP = slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitches over
YO = yarn over
YO2 = yarn over twice, but worked as 1 stitch only in the next round
*_* = repeat from * to * to end of round
[]x = knit text in brackets as many times indicated by the number after the "x"

Note: Pay attention to the way the YO2 is worked. The extra YO is needed for the cloth to stretch as there are no increases on the last rounds.

Cast on 8 stitches and distribute evenly on double-pointed needles.

Row 1: *YO, K1*

Row 2: *YO, K2TOG*

Row 3: *YO, K2*

Row 4: *YO, K1, K2TOG*

Row 5: *YO, K3*

Row 6: *YO, K2, K2TOG*

Row 7: *YO, K4*

Row 8: *YO, K3, K2TOG*

Row 9: *YO, K5*

Row 10: *YO, K4, K2TOG*

Row 11: *YO, K6*

Row 12: *YO, K5, K2TOG*

Row 13: *YO, K7*

Row 14: *YO, K6, K2TOG*

Row 15: *YO, K8*

Row 16: *YO, K7, K2TOG*

Row 17: *YO, K9*

Row 18: *YO, K8, K2TOG*

Row 19: *YO, K10*

Row 20: *YO, K9, K2TOG*

Row 21: *YO, K11*

Row 22: *YO, K10, K2TOG*

Row 23: *YO, K12*

Row 24: *YO, K11, K2TOG*

Row 25: *YO, K13*

Row 26: *YO, K12, K2TOG*

Row 27 *YO, K14*

Row 28: *YO, K2TOG*

Row 29: K

Row 30: *K5, YO*

Row 31: *SKP, K4, YO*

Row 32: *SKP, K4, YO*

Row 33: *SKP, K4, YO*

Row 34: *SKP, K4, YO*

Row 35: *SKP, K4, YO*

Row 36: *SKP, K4, YO2*

Row 37: *K6, YO2*

Row 38: *K4, K2TOG, YO2, K1BL*

Row 39: K3, [K2TOG, YO2, K1BL, K4]x23, K2TOG K1BL, K1

Row 40: K2, [K2TOG, YO2, K1BL, K4]x23, K2TOG, K1BL, K2

Row 41: K1, [K2TOG, YO2, K1BL, K4]x23, K2TOG K1BL, K3

Row 42: *K2TOG, YO2, K1BL, K4*

Row 43: Knit 1st stitch onto right hand needle. New round starts here - remember to move any markers accordingly. *YO2, K1BL, K4, K2TOG*

Row 44: *YO2, K1BL, K4, K2TOG*

Row 45: *YO, K2TOG*

Turn work so the wrong side faces you and knit 3 rounds - then cast off. Finish by crocheting loops around the edge.

Translators note: If you prefer the last 3 rounds could be worked from the right side - just purl instead of knit. The crochet loops could also be worked immediately after the last 3 rows withut casting off first.

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