Bookmark with pine trees pattern



Crochet thread and needles of your choice. I used #20 thread and 2.25 mm/ US 1/ UK 13 needles.


Depends on thread and needles used. Mine had a blocked width of about 5 cm/ 2 inches. Length is adjustable.


K = knit
K2TOG = knit 2 together
P = purl
P3TOG = purl 3 together
SKP = slip 1, knit next stitch, pass slipped stitch over
SK2P = slip 1, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over
YO = yarn over
()x = repeat enclosed text as many times as indicated after the "x"

The bookmark is knitted from the point upwards.

Cast on 19 stitches, and start with 4 rows knit. Then begin pattern A:

Row 1: K3, YO, K2, P3, P3TOG, P3, K2, YO, K3

Row 2: K2, P4, K7, P4, K2

Row 3: K4, YO, K2, P2, P3TOG, P2, K2, YO, K4

Row 4: K2, P5, K5, P5, K2

Row 5: K5, YO, K2, P1, P3TOG, P1, K2, YO, K5

Row 6: K2, P6, K3, P6, K2

Row 7: K6, YO, K2, P3TOG, K2, YO, K6

Row 8: K2, P7, K1, P7, K2

Row 9: K7, YO, K1, SK2P, K1, YO, K7

Row 10: K2, P15, K2

Row 11: K8, YO, SK2P, YO, K8

Row 12: K2, P15, K2

Repeat pattern A 3 times more, or as required.

4 rows knit, then begin pattern B:

Row 1: K7, K2TOG, YO, K1, YO, SKP, K7

Row 2 and following even rows: K2, P15, K2

Row 3: K6, K2TOG, YO, K3, YO, SKP, K6

Row 5: K5, (K2TOG, YO)x2, K1, (YO, SKP)x2, K5

Row 7: K4, (K2TOG, YO)x2, K3, (YO, SKP)x2, K4

Row 9: K3, (K2TOG, YO)x3, K3, (YO, SKP)x3, K3

Row 11: K4, (K2TOG, YO)x2, K3, (YO, SKP)x2, K4

Row 13: K5, (K2TOG, YO)x2, K1, (YO, SKP)x2, K5

Row 15: K6, K2TOG, YO, K3, YO, SKP, K6

Row 17: K7, K2TOG, YO, K1, YO, SKP, K7

Row 19: K8, K2TOG, YO, K9

Row 20: K2, P15, K2

4 rows knit, then repeat pattern A once more.

End with 5 rows knit, casting off all stitches on the 5th row.

Weave in ends. Decorate with tassels if you like. Dampen work, and block by pinning out, taking care to stretch out the bottom middle to bring out the pointed shape.

© 1999-2009 Nurhanne Reckweg.

Except for posting on a website or mailing list this pattern may be distributed in any non-commercial way you like, as long as a reference to Yarn Over is included.

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